"It is always best when an actor is completely taken over by the play.  Then, independent of his will, he lives the role, without noticing how he is feeling, not thinking about what he is doing, and so everything comes out spontaneously, subconsciously... That puts us in an impossible situation.  We are supposed to create on inspiration, but only the subconscious can do that, and we can't control it.... what is the way out?

"Fortunately there is one.  It is the indirect, not the direct influence of the conscious on the subconscious mind.  Certain aspects of the human psyche obey the conscious mind and the will, which have the capacity to influence our involuntary processes... Let us leave the subconscious to nature, the magician, and apply ourselves to what is available to us - the conscious approach to creative activity... 

"The actor must not only experience the role inwardly, he must embody that inner experience physically. "                                                       Constantin Stanislavski

"There is one spectacle greater than the sea:  That is the sky;  there is one spectacle greater than the sky: That is the interior of the soul. 

The conscience is the chaos of chimeras, lusts, and temptations, the furnace of dreams, the cave of the ideas that shame us;  it is the pandemonium of sophisms, the battlefield of the passions.  At certain moments, penetrate the ashen face of a human being who is thinking and look at what lies behind;  look into that soul, look into that obscurity.  There beneath the external silence, giants are doing battle as in Homer, melees of dragons and hydras, and clouds of phantoms as in Milton, ghostly spirals as in Dante..."

Victor Hugo - Les Miserable's

The Experiencing Class is the study of the imagination and how it is stimulated and energized by using the five senses -- the concepts applied in this session are the key to what is called 'the world of the play'. 

Our exercises focus on establishing belief, developing a sense of truth and
bringing the internal form of a sensory event to clear, physical expression; ultizing the imagination and personal images to inspire character behavior and emotional truth.

Text: An Actor Prepares
Scenework: Monologues
Exercises: Sensory, Imagination, Communion


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