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Tom Fulton

1 Hour $45.00


I am available for private coaching weekday evenings after 5:30.

Please contact me to set up a mutually agreeable time. Coaching sessions are usually held at TheMayfield Village Performing Arts Center at the corner of Wilson Mills and SOM Center Road (Rt. 91)

Private coaching is an opportunity for the actor to stretch, perfect and improve audition pieces, and class or character work for performance. If you are interested in working audition pieces, we usually need a full hour. .  You should come to the session(s) memorized.  If you need help choosing audition monologues, we can do that via phone or e-mail before our first session.

How we'll approach your monologue or character. 
Whether I am teaching an acting class or coaching a monologue, I am primarily interested in the dynamic personal-to-the-actor values in each moment.  Monologues - especially audition monologues - are very tough and the danger is that they end up being one long tone, rather than a series of discoveries and revelations. What matters - what gets you cast - is how little artifice there is and how much of 'you' is revealed.  We work to reveal the artist within - through the distinctive action of the character.

I teach a program of study based on the Stanislavski System of Actor Development.  It is an approach to acting that was essentially discovered and articulated by Stanislavski, not really invented.  He created his system by studying what great actors do to achieve authentic, dyamic and artistic results on the stage.  In my experience it offers the best foundation for understanding and mastering the art of acting.  No other technique is quite as straight forward and devoid of mystery.  It is a practical, doable, inspiring set of theories, exercises and philosophies.   I learned it from my teacher, Joan Potter, and she learned it from her teacher Lee Strasberg, who learned it from his; Richard Boleslavski, who learned it from Stanislavski himself.  The legacy of this training endures because it creates conditions in each actor that reveals the artist within.



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