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At the Halle Theatre - October 5-27, 2002
Directed by
Fred Sternfeld

2002 Times Tribute Awards for
Outstanding Production
(The Company)
Outstanding Direction
(Fred Sternfeld)
Outstanding Choreography
(Martin Cespedes)
Outstanding Music Direction
(Larry Hartzell)
Outstanding Acting
(Tom Fulton)

"Impassioned and Mesmerizing Performance..."

Fred Sternfeld's brisk direction and a sublime performance by Tom Fulton as Don Quixote help us complete the journey.  It starts wtih Tom Fulton's impassioned and mesmerizing performance as the endearing "Knight of the Woefull Countenance. 

...From the moment the tall, stately, white-haired Fulton decends the dungeon staircase as Cervantes, until the plays close when the poet is summoned b the Inquisiion, Fulton dominates center stage, seamlessly morphing from one role to another with equal credibility. 

... There sin't one false step to Fulton's peerless performance as the old knight, at once fatuous and sympathetic, addled and cleare-eyed, funny and tragic...

At times, Fulton's performance brings tears to the eyes... "I want to add some measure of grace to the world," says the unvanquised dreamer, Don Quixote.  I don't know about the world, but Tom Fulton has most assuredly graced this production with a memorable performance. 
The Cleveland Jewish News (Fran Heller) October 10, 2002

"A superb Performance..."
"Clever staging, gifted cast make 'La Mancha’ a dream ...an engaging night in the theater..." In a superb performance, Tom Fulton seamlessly transforms himself from the troubled Miguel de Cervantes to the author’s creation, the dotty … knight errant, Don Quixote, who is charmingly out of step with his surroundings”
Jacqueline Gerber, The Plain Dealer, 2002

"A Dream Production at Halle..."
“The Halle Theatre production under the masterful directing hand of Fred Sternfeld, the musical direction of Larry Hartzell, and the choreography by Martin Cespedes, is outstanding! ...  Tom Fulton leaves nothing to be desired in his performance as Cervantes/Don Quixote. His voice is powerful, his stage presence striking, his acting skills character-focused.... Man of La Mancha gets a dream production at the Halle” “amazing ...  Man of La Mancha is a well-thought out, impressive production... evidence that the musical theatre is alive and very well in Greater Cleveland’s local venues.”  Roy Berko (Member, American Theatre Critics Association) The Times Newspapers

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