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Fran's Favorite Poems

Fran in her Aviator Outfit.  She Received her Pilot's License while attending Western Reserve.
(See "High Flight" poem, one of her favorites)

Young Fran, Glamorous as always!


Merrily (Boo), Kathy & Fran - 4th of July 2005

Gerry and Fran - July 18, 2005

Ollie & Fran at Cold Springs Tavern


family circa 1952

Fran 1998

Christmas 2005

Fran, Allison, Mandy

Happy Ollie

Birds of Paradise

Family circa 1962

Hiram & Fran

Bathing beauties

Fran in England 1968

Jackknife in Garden Grove


Camping trip


Relaxing in the den

Fran, Ollie & Ruth at Ollie's 80th

Ollie, Allison,Gerry, Kathy & Fran

Christmas in Oregon


Ollie at the bar


  Ollie, Allison, Fran, Doug - Brenda's wedding day -  Doug officiated


Ollie & Fran dressing for dinner in England 1968


Ollie, Hiram, Fran at Patty's


Schatzie on her pillow

Paying bills


Allison, Scott, Tyler


Fran & Ollie in England

Ollie in uniform circa 1942


sister trip to the redwoods