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I have just finished reading, once again the family history as put together by my mother. At numerous times the kids have asked me to put down similar reminiscences of my life so that the various stories and events of our family can be kept for future generations. I do not believe I can be as erudite or have the memory of Mother but as I remember things I will put them down and eventually put them in the right order.

Where to begin—as one author said “The best place to begin is the beginning”

I do not claim to have one of those clairvoyant minds that remembers the first years of my life so I have to go on what was told me until the age of about 3 ½. I was born October 1st, 1925 sometime in the early morning. University Hospital was at that time in downtown Cleveland, not being moved to its present location until the time when Dave was born. As I have so often pointed out to all of you my first home was on Fairmount Blvd at the Northeast corner of Princeton and Fairmount. The house is still there although I have never been inside.

I remember nothing about that house and have been told no stories about any goings on there. We moved in my first early years to Maple Rd, off Mayfield Rd east of Taylor, to a side-by-side double where we stayed until I was 3 ½ and we moved to East Fairfax Rd.

I vaguely remember driving into the driveway at that time and as I got out of the car noticing that a boy was standing at the fence that separated our houses. That boy of course was Bill Silva, who remained friends with our family and me until his death in 1998.