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East Fairfax Rd.

Here is where I can recall my childhood and relate some of the memorable events that occurred in my life. . Fairfax was a street of very modest, yet comfortable homes. My Dad paid $6000.00 for our home and it had all the room we could possibly need. As I recall there was a living room with a small fireplace that had an electric heater and a sunroom right back of that with door on either side of the fireplace. The dining room was to the right as you came in and the kitchen behind that. Upstairs there were four bedrooms, Dave and I shared one, although probably not right away because Dave was probably only 6 months old when we moved, Mom & Dad had the room across from mine, there was a guest room next to theirs and a small room at the top of the stairs that eventually was used by Olga, our maid, who came to live with us soon after we moved. There was one bathroom and an attic whose door opened onto the hallway from which you entered all the bedrooms. I can picture the door but cannot picture what was up in the attic. As far as I know we never went up there so it must have been just for storage.

I remember the years on Fairfax as wonderful years. The depression arrived soon after we arrived on Fairfax and all the kids on the street were aware of financial problems but lit never bothered us thanks to the way it was handled by our parents. Dad lost his job at The Guardian Bank but was very fortunate to find another job very quickly with The Central National Bank. Money was very scarce but I never remember being without a meal or without adequate clothing. My mother was very frugal. We had very simple but good meals, the one I remember most was rice and curry, which was merely ground up hamburger in a curry sauce poured over rice. We all thought it was delicious. I have told you all the story of my mother sending me to the grocery store one day and when I came back I found I had lost a dollar bill. The store was about a mile away but Mother made me walks back the same path I had taken to try and find the dollar. I never did but I sure remember her telling me how important the dollar was and it was my first economics lesson.